When to say “Yes”

Ahhhh… the other side of the coin. (last blog – When to say “No”) So, what do you say “yes” to? I have already let slip my little secret, I do not have a problem saying yes, it is so easy for me! I say yes to everything – sure I can do that, no problem, never mind that there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything on my list, sure I can squeeze in just one more thing… and so I have been working on it, this learning to say “no” thing. Almost to a fault.

Recently I had this opportunity fall into my lap. At first glance my knee jerk reaction was to scoff at it and deem it impossible. But as I mentioned in my last post, I do believe I can do pretty much anything I set my mind to and gradually the little hamster started cranking up the wheel and my mind began flinging possibilities at me. After all, just what would a little brainstorming hurt? What at first glance seemed ridiculous, suddenly became more serendipitous. A questioning email here, a phone call there and soon these weird scattered pieces of the puzzle miraculously began putting themselves together. What do you say when the evidence profoundly starts beating you over the head, attempting to pound into your stubborn brain that this IS something that you should do? Perhaps you should say yes. (Unless of course you are standing on the dock, contemplating a jump into the tempting cool waters, but you can’t swim, time to pause!)

I did not take all this hamster hurling, puzzle assembly lightly. I kept questioning if I should go through with it or not, analyzing the various costs I would encounter – not just financially, but physically as well. Every time I debated within myself, another little bit of serendipity would come skipping by and offer me a simpler solution. In the end I began to believe that this was bigger than me and if I let this opportunity go I would regret it. What was Providence trying to tell me? I guess I will find out.

If you are on the dock and you can’t swim, will you jump? Or will you seek what you need so that you can take the plunge? Don’t let fear be a deterrent to enjoying life. Let it guide you, rather than send you running like a dog with its tail between its legs, missing out on some juicy bone because of assumptions.

And so I ended up saying yes when originally I thought no. I am open to what lies ahead and feel confident in my decision, because it feels right. All the serendipity could not be denied. Gee I like that word – serendipity, it’s a much better word than coincidence – serendipity, serendipity, serendipity. I like it even better when I can feel it in my life. How about you? When life starts to pull unexpectedly together, are you paying attention to what is going on? What are you saying more - yes or no?

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