Since 1997 Trimbelle River Studio has helped our customers find appropriate vintage Arts & Crafts stencil designs for the home, as well as the homeowner. So whether you are restoring or simply redecorating  a Mission, Craftsman or Prairie Style home,  we can make it easier for you. We’ll educate you through our informative bookhands-on workshops, or help you find supplies, because we want you to come home to a home you love, a home that is a part of you and that makes you feel good. (And we can do this for your office as well)

Seeking peacefulness and pleasure from the environment in which we live was a basic philosophy of the Arts & Crafts Movement (a period from about 1900-1925 – click here for a little more history). By returning to nature for inspiration, simplifying one’s life, and getting away from the Victorian assumption that “more was not enough,” it was believed one could actually be healthier, less stressed, and more at peace. A belief we believe, is just as relevant in the world today as it was back then.

Home decoration was influenced by Mother Nature through simple designs that reflected flora, fauna and even her colors. One way to incorporate the soothing effects of nature in the home was with the use of stenciling. Anything and everything could have been stenciled. From walls and ceilings to adorning table linens and curtains; desk sets, clothing, even pincushions were among numerous household items that bore this decorative art, often applied by the homeowner. Come, let us introduce you to the rich and timeless world of stenciling from the Arts & Crafts Movement; you’ll simply be amazed at what you are capable of doing…

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