Vintage Renderings

Original vintage renderings

Although these first three images portray bedrooms, these stencil applications are suitable for any room. Notice the stencil placement in relation to the wood trim.

v3 yellow BRYellow Room: Stencil image appears above or below a picture rail, very typical in a bedroom where often crown molding is absent.

v1 green BRGreen Room: Stencil image fills frieze area between crown molding and picture rail. Design should be between 3-5 inches narrower than the height of the frieze.

v2 pink BRPink Room: Stencil image runs at top of wall, with or without crown molding, another typical application for a bedroom.

Black and White Renderings: from the Craftsman magazine show typical spot stencil applications, where only a portion of design is used instead of a border.v Spot orgvin bw spot LR

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