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A significant asset stenciling has over mass produced wall coverings and linens, is the flexibility it allows. Stencil colors can be customized: around a favorite object in a room; a complimentary color scheme, such as olive green with dark purple, or an ochre yellow with navy; or a monochromatic combination, using various shades and tints of the same color. Another important point, which should not be overlooked, is the unique character that the hand crafted art of stenciling has to offer. Mass produced applications simply cannot achieve the same affect or charm. Following are just a few more reasons to consider stenciling:

• Anyone can do it.

• Choose your own color scheme.

• Most surfaces are easily stenciled, including old plaster and textured “orange peel.”

• Excellent selling point for your home.

• Authentic wall decor for Bungalows and Arts & Crafts homes.

• Has a unique hand crafted character – unlike wall paper.

• Carry a motif throughout a room: walls, curtains, table linens, etc..

• Easy to change – just paint over it.

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