In a Nutshell…

Trimbelle River Studio & Design was founded in 1997 by Amy Miller after she stumbled into the unique stenciling world from the Arts & Crafts Movement, a period from about 1900-1925. Charmed by the movement’s emphasis on simplicity, honesty, appreciation of nature and the fact that no one seemed to give a hoot about preserving this unusual original art form, she dove in head first and soon Trimbelle River Studio was born.

Over the years she pushed her little business into the spotlight. Through exhibitions, lectures, free booth demonstrations and workshops around the country, she won over the public and eventually became dubbed as the Stencil Goddess.

Her work and designs have appeared in numerous national magazines and newspapers, often appearing on the covers of Old House Journal, American Bungalow, Style 1900 and Arts & Crafts Home. After being approached by Gibbs Smith Publishing to write a book, Stenciling the Arts & Crafts Home – A Comprehensive Guide to Beautifying Your Bungalow was released in August 2006. Focusing not only on the unique historical aspects of this period of stenciling, the book featured plenty of instructional information, photos and a bit of humor. Picked up immediately by Michael’s, a national craft store chain, the publisher was forced into a second print run with the book less than six months on the shelves. To this day, it is still the best and most informative all around book on this historic period of Arts & Crafts stenciling. And you can buy it right here (hey, we’re not afraid of a little shameless promotion).

Besides teaching, lecturing and selling stencils, Amy also is an experienced stenciler, working specifically in historical applications for residential and commercial projects. Cruise through the gallery for some vintage renderings, original stencil work and custom on site creations. 

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