Marvelous Monarchs

Monarchs on Meadow Blazingstar

Monarchs on Meadow Blazingstar

What started out as a simple hobby escalated into a wonderful adventure and opened all sorts of new doors for Amy Miller, founder of Trimbelle River Studio. Since 2012, she has raised and released over 2000 monarch butterflies on her 27 acres near Ellsworth, Wisconsin. From May through September, she spends time educating others about the monarch plight at numerous events held at garden centers, schools, libraries, parks and assorted businesses across the area. While interviewing with Mary Ellen Polson for an article on decorated walls for the Winter 2015 issue of Arts & Crafts Homes magazine, they started talking about the butterflies. This discussion ended as a full page write up on Amy and her monarchs on page 14 of  the 2015 Winter issue. She is now creating The Monarch Project, a program designed to educate, advocate and give back to the community through art therapy projects that build confidence and empower those in need. Her new website – is just starting to develop, so bookmark it and keep an eye out for future developments. (And there just might be a new monarch stencil in the works as well…)

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