Stenciling Sundries

For the time being, we have decided to no longer carry the additional stenciling supplies – such as paints, adhesive, brushes and cleaner – on our website. When the dust settles from various endeavors, we may decide to once again offer these items on-line, and whenever possible, we will bring a selection of supplies to workshops or other events we are doing in person. Until then, we would like to offer you a couple other options where you can purchase the additional stenciling sundries you will need to complete your project. 

For more information on the products you need for stenciling, click here. 

For quick, one stop, on-line shopping for all the other items you need to stencil, we recommend Dick Blick. They carry a wide variety of Paintstiks®, the Master’s Brush Cleaner and Krylon’s Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive – all tried and true items we highly recommend. They also have a good selection of stencil brushes; even their inexpensive Blick Economy brushes are still hog bristle and suitable for beginners (but when your stenciling becomes a bit more obsessive, you may want to upgrade to the pricier, better quality brushes). Here is their link – – type in the keyword for the item you are looking for to speed up your search and then make sure to scroll down the page to find the purchase area.

To find items in person, you can check out your local artist material store for the additional stenciling supplies we recommend. They may be a bit more pricey, but should provide good customer service and quality products. I will say, many do not carry Paintstiks® and although there are other oil paints in a solid stick form on the market – such as Oilbars – they generally are much greasier because they contain more linseed oil, will take forever to dry and are not as well suited for many stenciling projects.

Your local craft store may be hit or miss for everything you will need. Many will carry a ‘creme’ paint in a pot, which is very similar to the paint quality of the Paintstik® and suitable for stenciling, but unfortunately, the pots are more difficult to use. And a word of caution – beware of craft store synthetic brushes (cheap with disappointing results) even if you are just starting to experiment with stenciling, look for natural bore bristle brushes.


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